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While I always think I'll have the free time to devote to my website I just haven't. I end up spending my time creating a variety of new items. Please check out my Facebook Page for the most up to date news and items. Feel free to send an email with any questions, or custom orders, to the address below.







































































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At Dreamland Photography & Creations you will find a little bit of everything. I hand craft everything myself. From photography to sculpture, there's something for everyone.



Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth at all my various shows. I will be focusing now on selling online. I have one final show planned on November 15th at the Smithfield Senior Center from 9-3pm, please check my Facebook page for the most up to date info. I'll be back next season for more shows! Please contact me with any custom orders.


I will be participating in the Slater Park Fall Festival on September 13th & 14th 11-5pm.


I will be participating in the Scituate Farmer's Market again this year. My first date will be on August 2nd from 9-12. I will be there every other Saturday. Please check my Facebook page for the latest updates and photo of my new items!


On June 22nd I'll be selling my items at :

Martha's Herbary
589 Pomfret St.
Pomfret, CT
I will be there 10am-4pm

Some of my newer items are pictured below.



For now I am putting all of my photography back up on my Facebook page. If you have any trouble you can always see most of my albums on PhotoBucket by clicking here. My PhotoBucket albums are not complete yet.

I am now making wire wrapped Tree of Life necklaces, you can see these on my Facebook page and they are available at my Etsy Shop. If you have any custom holiday orders please contact me soon!

Happy Holidays!


As usual I'm behind on updating my website, I'm just too busy with all my projects. It's always best to visit my Facebook Page for the most up to date info & images. I hope to update more of the photographs on my site soon.

I have been making quite a bit of jewelry lately. I will be selling it at local craft shows in June (see the schedule below). Because of the upcoming festivals my Etsy inventory will be limited. I recently made a necklace that featured a piece from Tori Spellings new DIY jewelry line, Styled by Tori Spelling. They posted my necklace on their Pinterest page.

Necklace I made with Styled component. Wire wrapping and silk ribbon.


I have been photographing the Sun every chance I get. I don't have many other new space photos. Time and weather hasn't allowed many opportunities for that. I hope to update my blog soon. Please check back!

Here is my festival schedule:

June 9th, 2012 June 23rd, 2012
The 6th Annual Cumberland Arts & Crafts Festival
Held on the Monastery Grounds
1464 Diamond Hill Road-Suite 1, Cumberland, RI
9am - 4pm
The 3rd annual Annual Arts & Crafts Festival
Martha's Herbary
589 Pomfret St.
Pomfret, CT
I believe this will be 10am-5pm



I've been busy crafting jewelry again. I've been making necklaces with antique skeleton keys. I have many for sale on my Etsy shop Dreamland Creations. For the moment my collage boards are on hold. I'm having trouble acquiring a key piece needed for my boards, I will start again as soon as possible. I have a few new space photos and I'm working on other photos as well. Below are a two of my many new jewelry items. Click each photo to enlarge. See my blog for more news!


Past News:

Unfortunately, for the moment I am unable to do some of my normal hobbies/crafts. So, I've taken up yet another hobby. Below you will see two of my newest pieces, inspiration/collage boards. Click each photo to enlarge. I have a 3rd one in the design phase now. The first one is not for sale but the second one is. You can purchase this through my Etsy shop Dreamland Creations. See my blog for more news!


Check out my first blog!

This is one of my recent photographs. The object to the left is M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy. It is interacting with the dwarf galaxy NGC5195.

One of my first videos through the telescope. It's quite shaky.